Hi, I'm Bianca...  

Welcome and Thank you for visiting my little space. 

I have never considered myself as very crafty nor did I have much interest in anything to do with Arts & Crafts. My creative outlet had always been Photography. For about 5 years I ran a successful Photography Business in Colorado, where I lived at the time, until burn-out hit me hard. That was right around the time  when I took my first Macrame Class and shortly after a Modern Tapestry Weaving Workshop. 


This is where it happened and I stepped into the vast and beautiful world of Fiber Arts. I feel in love with both Macrame and Weaving and haven't skipped a day without creating. As all my fellow Fiber Artists I developed a "slight addiction" to all things fiber and started to grow an extensive Yarn collection. I soon discovered Art Yarns and learned quickly how hard it was to get my hands on any.

In true Bianca fashion I quickly moved on to my next adventure: Learn how to spin Yarn. I found a used Vintage Ashford Spinning Wheel online and dove right in. Frustrated at first I eventually figured out how to make Art Yarn the way I envisioned it. Thankfully I am part of a wonderful Fiber Art Community (you :)) that immediately adopted me as one of their Art Yarn supplier. Soon after in Nov 2020 I started my very own Art Yarn Subscription Club which I am hoping to extend to a few more members in 2021.

minis CO collection-4.jpg

When I am not completely emerged in squishy, soft mountains of Yarn I love adventuring with my family. We happen to live in the PNW, my personal version of Paradise which offers an abundance of fun. We love hiking, skiing in the Winter and Lake life in the Summer. My husband and I enjoy cooking together (we're both passionate foodies) and traveling. I feel extremely lucky to be in a position where my job is doing something I really love and I hope it shows in my products.

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